Special Projects

Special Projects – Community Health, Health Promotion, and Supportive Services

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center responds to the growing healthcare needs of the communities it serves by expanding and enhancing clinical programs with co-located supportive services. Over the past 20 years, Wyckoff has enhanced clinical services by integrating crucial health promotion programs that deliver client outreach, education, case management, navigation, and linkage to care on issues such as maternal, infant and child health; mental health and substance use; HIV and sexual health prevention and treatment; violence intervention and treatment for sexual assault and domestic violence; and asthma.

Wyckoff currently holds a portfolio of 20 grant-funded health promotion programs which together serve over 8,000 individual clients annually on-site at Wyckoff and in the community. Many of these public health programs at Wyckoff are funded by mix of federal, state, and local government contracts and support the employment of a diverse workforce of patient navigators, case managers, community health workers, counselors, nutritionists, peer and community educators, data managers and other administrators who work closely with doctors, nurses, residents, clinic managers and social workers to support clients in meeting their health goals and staying engaged in medical care.

Health Coaches Program

To better support patients in the management of their chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Wyckoff offers patients access to health coaches that work with them on chronic disease self-management goals, coordination of care with primary care providers, and follow-up on specific referrals. Health coaches are located in 4 different primary care sites at Wyckoff and engage with patients in one-on-one educational sessions to ensure that each patient receives high quality, patient-centered care.

Contact: Lorraine Woltman

Diabetes Patient Education & Management

Wyckoff offers high-risk patients with access to a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) via one-on-one clinic visits and  telehealth visits. Our diabetes education program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. The diabetes health educator works with patients on diabetes self-management skills, nutrition counseling, insulin pump training and subcutaneous glucose monitoring. In addition, the diabetes educator makes patient referrals to community organizations that support the patient in managing their diabetes at home. The diabetes educator and endocrinology providers are located at 1610 DeKalb Avenue in Wyckoff ’s endocrinology clinic and can be reached at 718-963-7790.

Contact: Leticia Aliaga, MS RD CDCES
Diabetes Educator & DSMES Program Coordinator
718- 963-7790
Fax: 718-963-6478

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
374 Stockholm Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237

WIC Program

Provides nutritious food, nutrition assessments and health education, breastfeeding promotion, supplies and support, and referral services to pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women and their children up to 5 years of age. Nutrition education, including individualized contacts and facilitated group discussions, is provided by qualified nutrition staff, and is personalized to meet the needs, interests and learning style of each participant. The foods in the WIC food packages are specifically selected to include key nutrients to supplement the dietary needs of participants to positively influence good health, growth, and development.

Contact: Lydia Mutdhastira
WIC Director

Family, Community & Beyond Program

This Perinatal and Infant Community Health Collaborative (PICHC)-funded grant program provides culturally tailored education and support services such as insurance and health navigation, with a focus on reaching women of childbearing age 15-44 years and their infants, children, and families. It uses individual health assessments, care plans, community health visits, coaching, community assessments, networking and consensus building to collectively address the social determinants that impact health outcomes for individuals and families

Contact: Eleanor Juray, MBA-HM, PMP
Program Director

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Doulas Save Lives Program At Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Childbirth & After

We support women through all phases of childbirth. We recognize and understand the profound nature of pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period and it’s ability to transform both the individual and the entire family. Each family has unique needs and we are experts at matching the perfect doula with each family.

What Is A Doula?

A trained professional who provides non-judgmental support of a family’s choices during pregnancy, birth, and the newborn stage.

Experienced Support

  • Meeting with the client
  • Developing a birth plan
  • Teaching relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Being present for the duration of labor
  • Advocating for the client during labor and delivery
  • Assisting the birth partner
  • Helping the client with breastfeeding and bonding
  • Encouragement and emotional support of individuals parenting choices
  • Social Support Services

Contact us for more information:

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Positive Health Management

Provides HIV, STI, and Hepatitis C testing, prevention and care services, including PrEP and PEP to prevent HIV and rapid ART to manage HIV treatment. A welcoming community-based site includes comprehensive HIV primary care as well as behavioral health, case management and navigation, LGBQ-friendly care, patient education and support groups, and other supportive services. All services are available regardless of insurance.

Contact: Natasha Jackson
Senior Administrative Director,
Behavioral Health and Positive Health Management

Collaborative Care for Depression and Anxiety

Patients who receive care at any of our primary care sites have access to treatment for depression and anxiety, including medication management and counseling.

Contact: Natasha Jackson
Senior Administrative Director,
Behavioral Health and Positive Health Management

Project IMPACT (Improving Access to Comprehensive Treatment)

Provides patients with substance use and mental health issues and patients living with or at high risk for HIV or hepatitis, with the support needed for engaging in risk reduction, treatment, and recovery. The program’s treatment manager provides individual and group therapy to patients with substance use issues and conducts assessments and referrals to higher levels of care. Additionally, two linkage specialists provide case management services and linkage to more intensive or specialized treatment services including both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities and to supportive services such as housing, nutrition, and legal services.

Contact: Natasha Jackson
Senior Administrative Director,
Behavioral Health and Positive Health Management
(718) 963-7350

Healthy Steps Program

The Healthy Steps program establishes a multidisciplinary implementation team and embeds a Healthy Steps specialist within the Wyckoff ’s Pediatric Care Center. Together, the implementation team and Healthy Steps specialist have established the following: enhanced screening practices, enhanced well-child visits, home visits, child development and family health check-ups, a child developmental telephone information line, expanded Reach Out and Read program to promote literacy, parent support groups, improved management of community referrals, and dissemination of prevention and health promotion informational materials in both English and Spanish.

Contact: Rosa Peralta
Healthy Steps Specialist

Violence Intervention and Treatment Program (VITP)

VITP is the first hospital-based comprehensive program in Brooklyn serving clients who are primary or secondary victims of domestic violence, sexual assault/rape or other crime. Referrals are received from hospital departments/clinical services, individuals within the community, or other community service providers. Services for this program are grant-funded, free and confidential regardless of sex, gender expression or immigration status. Grant funding is provided by various NY State offices and covers the cost of counseling, case management, coordination of care, advocacy, and empowerment for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

VITP is proud to have a robust Rape Crisis Advocate on-call service to assist in the Emergency Department during the evenings, weekends, and holidays. Our advocates are certified by the New York State Department of Health to provide emotional support, advocacy, information, and assistance to the victim (age 12 and above) in the Emergency Department.

Under the guidance of the New YorkState Enough is Enough initiative, VITP offers free training on sexual misconduct and bystander intervention strategies on college campuses. The program aims to ensure students, faculty, and staff are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support to protect New York's college students from rape and sexual assault.

For more information, contact VITP: