Life in Brooklyn

Before Vogue named it one of the world’s most stylish neighborhoods, Bushwick was, and still is an artistic, family-oriented area in Northern Brooklyn. Current residents have gravitated towards Bushwick due to its proximity to Williamsburg and Manhattan. Bushwick provides all the luxuries of the area at more resident friendly prices. There has been continuous influx of artists, development of warehouse lofts and apartments. There are trendy restaurants and artisanal coffee shops.

Located in the northeastern section of Brooklyn, Bushwick is bounded by Williamsburg, Ridgewood, and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods. The area is well serviced by public transportation, with the Myrtle Avenue/Wyckoff Avenue bus and subway hub. The hub was renovated into a state-of-the-art transportation center. The L, M, J and Z trains serve residents of Bushwick. Manhattan remains a 15- to 30-minute commute by various modalities.

The culture of Bushwick is just as varied as you would expect, based on its large size and population. Brooklyn with its population of greater than 2.5 million and Queens with its population of greater than 2.3 million people serve as the basis for the culturally diverse and rich environment that makes up Bushwick, which is situated between the two.

There many parks to provide green space and areas for activities. Bushwick’s art scene remains a transformative and impactful part of the NYC cultural hub. There are many intrepid collectors from Manhattan making the journey to artist-run boutique shops.

You can find great pizza all over New York City, but Bushwick is home to some of the city’s best. Roberta’s is well known for its use of unique ingredients, thick honey and escarole, on thin crust. Neighborhood staple Artichoke Pizza is famous Brooklyn staple, only a short walk from the hospital. Bushwick’s dining scene has grown increasingly impressive, now drawing foodies from every borough. What more can you ask for?

Alongside delicious restaurants, corner bars and art galleries, small boutiques and shops present more than what first meets the eye. Shopkeepers from all trades have carved out their nooks in this Brooklyn nabe, and there’s a store for just about everyone. From classic comic book shops to trendy vintage stores, the variety of places you can explore in Bushwick is astounding. After you’re done hitting the shops, green parks and playgrounds throughout this neighborhood present the perfect place to lie down and relax under the Brooklyn sky.