Curriculum Rotations

The operative experience of the general surgery residents at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is comprehensive in both quantity and variety of surgical procedures performed.

Home Institution:

                Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


Affiliated Sites:

              Huntington Hospital (Core Rotations)

                Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (HPB)

                SUNY Downstate (Transplant)

                Kings County Hospital (Trauma)

                Cohen’s Children Hospital (Pediatrics)


The goal of the intern year is to become an integral part of the surgical team while beginning to learn clinical surgery crucial to patient care. Interns spend the year at Wyckoff Heights running the General Surgery/Specialties Services including ICU and Gastroenterology. There is an early focus on ability to complete floor procedures (e.g. Central Lines and Chest tubes) and assisting in the operating room. Most interns complete approximately 150 cases during their intern year.


Second year rotations include:

3 months at Huntington Hospital

1 month at SUNY Downstate (Transplant)

1 month at Kings County Hospital (Trauma)

1 month at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (HPB)

Second year residents routinely exceed the expected 250 minimum case volume required by ACGME



Third year rotations include:

1 month at Cohen Children’s Medical Center (Pediatrics)


Fourth year rotations include:

                4 months at Huntington Hospital

                1 Elective month

PGY 5 -Chief Year

                6 months at Huntington Hospital

                6 months at home institution

The Chief residents run the surgical services with increased autonomy with the goal of functioning at an attending level by years end to prepare for life after residency. Each chief resident assumes administrative responsibilities during the course of his/her chief year. Residents routinely graduate with over 1100 cases.