Surgical Residency Program

The Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Department of Surgery’s mission is to prepare residents for careers across the spectrum of general surgery and to foster an environment of lifelong learning. Consistent with the mission of the medical center, our goal is to promote excellence in all facets of our surgical practice and promote quality healthcare through prevention and treatment in a safe environment. The faculty is dedicated to the development of technically competent and well grounded surgeons in the basic science of surgery with sufficient clinical judgment to render complete care of the surgical patient. The surgical curriculum is designed to cover the core competencies as described by ACGME through didactic, operative experience and research in all aspects of General Surgery

 The Department of Surgery strives to provide the safest, evidence based surgical treatments for all patients. By fostering a model of patient safety and excellence in care we are able to give our patients a personalized level of care that results in the best possible outcomes. The Department of Surgery is composed of multiple divisions, each having a section chief who is a well-known and respected surgeon in his/her field. Under the guidance of Dr. Ahmed, Chairman of the Department of Surgery, we are able to offer our patients a sense of comfort that they are receiving excellent medical and surgical care.


General Surgery Program Coordinator:

Anna Trzpis

Surgery Department

374 Stockholm Street, Room C-408

Brooklyn, NY 11237


Tel: 718-906-3992

Fax: 718-456-0284