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Our Mission

As a major health care institution, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center is committed to Provide Excellence in Care through Prevention, Education and Treatment in a Safe Environment. Essential in achieving this goal is a competent medical staff that maintains a high level of care in all medical and surgical services and procedures. 

The Board of Trustees and the Medical Board of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center reaffirms their support of the medical staff by endorsing a comprehensive continuing medical education program. This program is designed to meet the needs of the medical staff and Community based physicians in maintaining a contemporary base of scientific knowledge appropriate to their regular professional activities. The CME program makes available a sufficient volume of presentations in all disciplines by reputable specialists, which provide ample opportunities for physicians to advance their knowledge and clinical skills so that they may continually enhance the quality of patient care.

In addition to correcting outdated clinical knowledge and encouraging appropriate changes in a physician's approach to the solution of medical problems, objectives of CME programs include the scientific and clinical application of new knowledge, skills and techniques and alteration of physician practices, when appropriate.

Teaching methods are tailored to the specific needs of the medical staff and community based physicians; didactic lectures; clinical case studies; live demonstrations by audio-visual presentations; hands on participatory workshops in which doctors actively perform a particular procedure with ongoing faculty discussion; and self-directed learning in the medical library utilizing text, audiovisual and computer-assisted instruction.

There are planned, well-advertised program of Category 1 conferences, lectures and symposia organized under the aegis of the Continuing Medical Education Committee, which reports to the Medical Board on a regular basis. The CME staff assists in the planning and implementation of all programs. The CME committee monitors compliance of CME essentials and guidelines, including needs assessment, goals and objectives, design and evaluation, and commercial support of CME activities.

Evaluation of goals and objectives contained in this mission statement will be conducted on an ongoing basis.

Office Of Continuing Medical Education

Daniel Faustin, MD.,
Chairman CME

E. Kenneth Freiberg, D.O.,
Vice Chairman CME

Thelca Hinds, Associate Director,

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