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The Vascular Laboratory at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center Is located on the forth floor of the “B” building in rooms 416 testing & 417 waiting. Vascular examinations are provided for both adult and pediatric patients. The Vascular Laboratory supports the hospital‘s mission statement to provide excellence in care through prevention, education and treatment in a safety environment.

Types of Patients
The Vascular Laboratory performs an average of 20 procedures per day. The types of patients range from adolescent to geriatric. 20% of the patients are Emergency Room patients. 50% are Inpatients, and 30% are outpatients.

Appropriateness, Clinical Necessity and Timeliness of Services Provided
The Vascular Laboratory provides service to referring physicians who complete orders and a requisition for a procedure based upon diagnostic need. The study is performed by the technologist, except for those requiring intervention by the vascular surgeon who performs these studies in conjunction the technologist who provides image documentation of the findings. The Vascular service provides a report of findings and any recommendations for other imaging services that may assist in the diagnosis of the patient. The Vascular surgeons provides consultation service to the referring physician to determine which types of studies can best determine a diagnosis based upon clinical findings. The vascular Laboratory request form must include definite clinical Information. The exam requested must be appropriate for the clinical history. All services are provided in a timely manner.

Scope and Complexity of Patient Care Needs
The scope of care in vascular laboratory performs a full gamut of vascular studies from visceral vascular studies, dialysis access studies, cerebral vascular studies and arterial / venous studies of the extremities.

Recognized Standards of Practice
All personnel in the vascular service are governed by the policy and procedure of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center as well as the standards of care established by the Intersocietal Commission Accreditation of Vascular Laboratory (ICAVL).

The vascular laboratory shall be staffed so as to offer the highest quality of services available to the patients, medical staff and community. The vascular laboratory provides services Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 5:00 PM. Seven hours of coverage is provided on Saturday. Sunday coverage is on an as needed basis to prevent a back log and delay of patient care. Emergency exams are performed on an individual basis. The vascular surgeon will discuss the patient with the attending physician and determine the need for testing then contact the technical director to arrange an examination.

Methods Used To Assess and Meet Patient Needs
The needs of the patients at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center are evaluated through feedback from physicians, patients and community. The mechanisms utilized Include but are not limited to patient satisfaction surveys, inter/intra departmental problem reports and input from the patient advocate, and the Departments Improving Organizational Performance Plan.

Standards of Practice
The Medical Director of Vascular service shall be certified by the American Board of Vascular Surgeons.

All Vascular technologist shall be a graduate of a New York State approved vascular imaging program. All vascular technologists will possess ARDMS certification in vascular imaging (RVT) and demonstrate competence in vascular imaging.

Rajesh K. Malik, MD, FACS, RPVI
Director of Vascular Surgery
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