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Patient Population Served
Wyckoff's Pathology and Laboratory services strive to assure that the anatomic and clinical laboratories provide accurate, timely and cost effective services to clinicians and their patients.

The Physicians and Administrative Staff of the Laboratory meet with Chairman and Directors of services to determine the needs of physicians for the various analyses available. For example, which tests must be performed on the premises, which can be referenced, the appropriate turn around times for tests to expedite patient's care and treatment. The pathologists provide guidance to the physicians in providing the most current information in deciding the appropriateness of specific tests, procedures, or service to meet the patient's needs. Test reference ranges are based on validation studies of the population of patients we serve.

Staff Development and Education
All staff receive orientation both initial and annual, ongoing in service education, access to seminars and conferences, which are job related, and on the job training. In service education is provided through reviews of the College of American Pathologists' proficiency surveys in all areas of testing in the lab, purchase and review of ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) materials, books, videos, teleconferences, and enrollment in the Colorado Association for Continuing Medical Laboratory Education, Inc.  

Quality Assurance
The quality of patient care is monitored on a regular basis in accordance to the department's Performance Improvement Plan. This includes blood utilization review, surgical case review, monitoring overuse or misuse of testing, monitoring turn-around times, especially of critical care testing, adequacy of specimens and request forms received and the monitoring of waived testing. The lab participates in proficiency testing from the College of American Pathologists and the New York State Department of Health proficiency testing program. We are surveyed and accredited every two years by these organizations. We also have accreditation from JCAHO and the American Osteopathic Association

Programs and Services
Pathology and Laboratory Services are provided to physicians who treat patients of all ages in both inpatient and ambulatory settings. We provide reference testing to other hospitals and clinics. Phlebotomy Services are also available to nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. The Laboratory has "state of the art" design and equipment. We perform both routine and advanced testing, including the full range of HIV testing for monitoring the course of treatment of the disease. We provide the Liquid based PAP test (both Thin Prep & Sure Path) which has been proven to capture pre cancerous conditions at an increased rate of 30% over the routine PAP test. We provide Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation to help physicians evaluate their patients' genetic predisposition to Anemia disorders.  e also provide Molecular Testing for the evaluation of Hepatitis C Viral Load and HIV Viral Load. These analyses are very useful in monitoring the drug regimen for treatment of these patients. We perform Fetal Fibronectin Analysis to help Physicians diagnose premature labor in pregnant patients. These are just a few of the many analyses performed by our Laboratory:


  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Clinical Hematology
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Diagnostic and Cellular Immunology
  • Blood Bank Services
  • Emergency Toxicology
  • Molecular Testing
  • Virology Testing
  • Limited Genetic Testing
  • Autologous Donor Program

Anatomic Pathology Services:

  • Surgical Pathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Autopsy Services
Emergency / Evening Pathology Services:

  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Clinical Hematology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunohematology
  • On Call Pathologist

A directory of over 500 laboratory tests that we perform is available. We are proud to say that we are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). 

Community Service
We participate in community Health Fairs providing free PAP smears, glucose screening for diabetes and free pregnancy testing. Please call (718) 963-7519 for more information.

Staff Availability
Lab supervision is available during all hours when non-emergent testing is performed.  The Director of Laboratories, the Director of the Blood Bank, the Administrative Director of Laboratories and the Pathologist-On-Call are available 24 hours/day, seven days a week by way of beeper, the hospital telephone operators, or simply by calling (718) 963-7511 for general information or (718) 963-7508 for the Blood Bank.


Afaf Abdu, MD                                                                         
Diplomate in American Board of Pathology (AP/CP), and Neuropathology,
Assistant Professor Cornell Weil Medical College

Maud A. Bertoni, MD, FCAP
Diplomate in American Board of Pathology (AP/CP), and Hematopathology,
Blood Banker

Cesar Del Rosario, MD, FCAP, FASCP                          
Diplomate in American Board of Pathology (AP/CP), and Neuropathology,    
Chairman of Pathology at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center

Wilhelmina Cruz-Vetrano, MD, FRCP (C), FCAP, FASCP
Diplomate in American Board of Pathology (AP/CP), and Cytopathology.       
Associate Professor of Pathology at SUNY Downstate Health Science at Brooklyn
Chairwoman of Pathology and Laboratory Services at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Wilhelmina Cruz-Vetrano, MD
Chairwoman, Pathology & Laboratory Services
Tel:  (718) 963-7511
Fax: (718) 486-4147

Deborah R. Sirica, MT ASCP
Administrative Director, Laboratories
Tel: (718) 963-7519

Maud A. Bertoni, MD, FCAP
Director, Blood Bank
Tel: (718) 963-7508

Physician Directory