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The Division of Othopedic Surgery is committed to providing our community with the highest quality musculoskeletal care and prevention, in a compassionate environment. We offer a wide range of services designed to help our community live, play and work safely. If injury should occur, we stand ready to offer the latest in orthopedic technology to assure a rapid recovery.

Programs and Services

The division of Orthopedic Surgery provides care in several well-staffed clinics at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center as well as in several centers located within the community. Our patients are fully evaluated and treated at these facilities unless the situation dictates further care at the Medical Center itself.

Injured individuals are evaluated and treated in our emergency room. If surgical care is required, our staff is on call 24 hours a day ready to address the situation and begin the process of recovery.

Community Outreach
Our staff is prepared to make presentations to community groups on various topics in Orthopedics. Such subjects as osteoporosis, injury prevention, arthritis  and others are available. We are committed to maintaining the health of our neighbors through education.


Disease and injury of the bones, muscles, tendons and joints are treated by doctors known as orthopedic surgeons. This is a very broad field that helps to take care of fractured bones, aged joints and torn tissues. The use of small video scopes allows these doctors to look into small joints such as the knee, shoulder or ankle to help determine what disease is present and to possibly correct this disease in a minimally invasive manner. Joints that have been destroyed by disease or age are replaced by brand new artificial joints that allow the patients to lead the full active life they were accustomed to prior to the incapacitating joint disease.

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