Endocrinology (Diabetes)

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Endocrine Center
The Endocrine Clinic cares for patients with diseases of the glands like thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and calcium problems. We coordinate the care of these patients with ENT surgeons, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and urologists who are trained to do laproscopic surgery. In this clinic, we also take care of patients with problems of cholesterol and other lipid abnormalities in coordination with cardiology and the diabetes care center.

Osteoporosis Center
Special clinic dedicated only for the care of patients with osteoporosis. We have state of the art equipment for detection of osteoporosis, special blood tests and urine tests to determine the cause of osteoporosis whenever possible and appropriate. 

Diabetes Care Center
The comprehensive Diabetes Care Center provides total care for patients suffering from Diabetes. 

We have board certified specialists to take care of your diabetes and the complications that you develop due to diabetes. We work closely with other specialists for diabetic patients who have kidney disease, foot problems, eye diseases, and vascular problems of the legs, numbness, and leg pains. We have heart specialists to take care of heart disease due to diabetes. In our Diabetes Care Center many of the specialists see the patient together at the time of the visit and later on, they are referred to other specialists if required. 

A dietician is available during the visit and separately to help you with what and how much you should eat. 

Diabetes Educator Nurse
These are highly trained nurses for educating the patients with diabetes. They teach the patient and family members insulin injection techniques, home blood sugar and urine testing. They also help you understand your blood sugar testing machines. These nurses are present in the Diabetes Care Center to help you. 

Social Worker
This individual is especially trained to deal with diabetic patients' needs. The social worker is available to help patients who are enrolled in the Diabetes Care Center for their care.

Stella Ilyayeva, MD
Director of Endocrinology
Tel:  (718) 963-7586

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