Emergency Medicine

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Who are we?
Here at the Emergency Department of the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (WHMC) one will find doctors and nurses, aides and clerks who represent and share in the cultural diversity which is uniquely found in Brooklyn and Queens.  We, as a group, take great pride in our unique skill and qualification in providing the very best in emergency care in a safe and supportive environment.  Whether critical ill or simply concerned about a medical condition or illness, we will help you understand how working together with you and your loved ones can help one overcome the challenges they face and place one on the road to recovery and healing.

What is an emergency?
An “emergency” may have a different meaning to each and every individual who presents to the hospital for care.  This is why, for the 90,000 patients we will care for this year, the first step in the process is to see a specially trained Triage Nurse who will understand your concerns and direct you to the best and most appropriate place to start your care.  

Our priorities
Providing you with the best care possible in a safe and reassuring environment is our number one priority.  We want to ensure that you feel well cared for, that your pain and discomfort is appropriately addressed and that you understand where in the care process you currently are at any given point in your stay in the emergency department.  We accomplish this by understanding that we are partners with our patients in the care process.  

About our Emergency Department
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing the latest in evidence-based care with the goal of ensuring your satisfaction with the quality of the care you receive.  WHMC is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and the emergency department is recognized as a 911 receiving facility in addition to recently receiving the American Stroke Association “Gold Plus Award” for outstanding stroke care.

Our Emergency Department is composed of 3 designated care areas and you will be directed to one of these by the Triage Nurse.  There are two Adult Care areas and a dedicated and separate Pediatric Emergency care area.  The adult areas are separated into the Adult Main and the Adult UrgiCare where care is provided by specially trained physicians and physician assistants.  The Adult Main area provides care to individuals who present with potentially critical conditions or injuries such as chest pain, severe respiratory difficulty, stroke and pneumonia.  Our Adult UrgiCare area provides care for non-critical conditions such as back pain, headache, joint injuries and strains.  Pediatric emergency care is provided in an aesthetically pleasing and reassuring environment by a dedicated staff of pediatricians and nurses.  Rest assured that independent of which area you are directed to our primary focus is to provide the best in emergency medical care.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center also provides a high quality ambulatory outpatient practice for those individuals who may not have a clear emergency but rather have a medical concern for which care is still desired.  If that is the case, we would welcome you contact us at 718-963-7676 adult or 718-907-4301 pediatrics to schedule a mutually convenient time for us to see you.

What to expect?
The emergency department is a very busy and dynamic place which at times may seem a bit overwhelming.  This is why it is important for you to understand the flow of care which we provide.  After being triaged and registered, you will be directed to the appropriate area for care and treatment.  An evaluation will be performed by our staff which may include blood tests, radiological exams such as X-rays, and require consultation with specialist physicians or surgeons.  This all takes time but rest assured that your continued comfort and care are of paramount importance to us.  

Once all of the expected results return, we enter the next step in your care process which is to determine how best to continue your improvement and healing.  For the vast majority of patients we see, care is continued on an out-patient basis either through one’s own doctor or through our ambulatory practice setting.  It is important that you follow the discharge instructions you have been provided and any post-discharge follow-up recommended to ensure your continued improvement once you have left the emergency department.

For those who require continued care, admission to the hospital is arranged with your care continuing within the emergency department until your arrival to an in-patient bed.  While awaiting placement, your new care team will ensure that every effort is made to keep you comfortable and informed while we coordinate this transition in your care.  

Wait Time
Our emergency care resources are extensive but not unlimited. Therefore, it is necessary to “triage” or prioritize patient needs and provide expedited services to those with the most serious, emergent medical conditions. If someone who enters the Emergency Department after you receives attention first, rest assured that our preliminary check-ups have determined that they are at greater medical risk or the resources required to treat their conditions are more readily available.  We realize that it may be difficult for you to wait if you or a loved one is experiencing discomfort. However, our process is designed to ensure priority care for those with the most urgent needs.

EMS Department
Since 2003, WHMC has been licensed by the NYS Department of Health to provide Ambulance Service to the community.  We operate four 24/7 EMS 911 units that provide both basic and advanced care and are staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics.  These units cover both the Brooklyn and Queens areas surrounding Wyckoff Hospital, but also respond outside these areas during major events that affect NYC.
We also have a Transportation Department which handle all of the transportation needs of those being discharged from the hospital, or for clinic appointments should they require ambulance or ambulette service.  Our 24/7 Hotline is 718-907-4989.  Arrangements can be made for you so please have your insurance information handy should you call.

Training Center
Wyckoff is an official Training Center for the American Heart Association (AHA) and for the New York Safety Program (NYSP).  Through the AHA, we teach CPR, First Aid, Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), EKG, and other such courses.  Through the NYSP, we also teach Defensive Driving, which takes up to 4 points off your license and up to 10% off your insurance.

The Training Center has over 300 affiliated instructors that teach all throughout New York, and we utilize only 6 of them to teach at our site at WHMC.  They are seasoned Paramedics with extensive knowledge and experience to offer you a no-pressure informative and interesting course.  If you are interested in a course, you may go to:
http://trainingcentertechnologies.com/WHMC/CourseEnrollment.aspx   or
Email at:  WyckoffCTC@GMail.com   or call at 718-302-8406.

Lisandro Irizarry MD MBA FACEP

Chair of Emergency Medicine

EMS Hotline

Tel: (718) 907-4989

Community Training Center

Tel: (718) 302-8406