Service Excellence Department

(718) 963-7109

The Service Excellence Department is responsible for planning and implementing policies and procedures for all Service Excellence initiatives at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.  The Department will evaluate existing programs, services, techniques and procedures to establish methods for installation of customer service initiatives within various areas of the hospital to improve relations/communication with our patients.

The Department will develop, plan, organize, coordinate, implement, manage and measure customer service initiatives throughout WHMC. The Department will be responsible for paper or telephone surveys to patients being discharged from the hospital. The Department will work with a Vendor to mail surveys and collect data regarding patients’ experience at the Medical Center and its Ambulatory Care Sites. The Department, through its Vendor currently conducts the following patient satisfaction surveys:  Inpatient Units (English and Spanish); Medical Practice (English and Spanish), Outpatient Services (English and Spanish), Emergency Medicine Department (English and Spanish) and Ambulatory Surgery Department (English and Spanish).

The Service Excellence Department will work closely with Senior Management and Administrative Departmental Directors to identify barriers to service for all audiences; develops and implement plans to remove barriers. Will lead and coordinate ongoing endeavors that maintain and enhance customer satisfaction. The Department will lead in the development of heightened awareness of the benefits and opportunities of first rate service. The Department will supervise content, design and production of all Medical Centers publications relating to customer service.

The Department will report quarterly to Quality Management Commitment on all Performance Improvement Projects undertaken hospital wide, and will report at Monthly Departmental Administrative Directors Meeting to keep Departments apprised of their progress. In addition, the Service Department will provide each Department with regular monthly or quarterly reports and graphs showing department trends and opportunities for improvement.

The Service Department in conjunction with Patient Safety and Satisfaction Department will consult with professional staff and family regarding customer service issues. Patients and their significant others have direct access to the Patient Advocate Department, Ethics Committee via their Physician and Nurse. The Committee provides a forum for patients, their families/significant others, and staff involved in patient care to discuss ethical issues and concerns which arise during patient care and treatment.

The Service Excellence Department consists of a Director and volunteer staff depending on the needs of the Department. The Department is located on the third floor. The hours of operation are Monday- Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. During office hours, the Service Excellence Department can be contacted at 718-963-7109 or through the Operator.

Whenever necessary, the Service Excellence Department will refer cases to Patient Advocate Department for further investigation to ensure that patients’ issues are resolved to their satisfaction. Complaints obtained from Patient satisfaction surveys are I forward to the Patient Advocate so that they can be integrated into the Performance Improvement, Risk Management, and Administrative process to ensure effective systems, which are responsive to patient satisfaction.