Patient Safety & Service Excellence

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Occurrence Data Reported To The Risk Management Department Through The Medical Center Occurrence-Reporting Program.

The Risk Management Department will investigate all serious incidents in a timely fashion.  The department will have a systematic process whereby incidents are reviewed to ensure adequacy of documentation and to affect necessary follow-up. Reports will be prepared to trend the data.

The Vice President /Patient Safety and Satisfaction will also serve as the Medical Centers Patient Safety Officer

Events or Incidents Reported to the New York State Department of Health Patient Occurrence Report Tracking System (NYPORTS)

The Risk Management Department will make regular reports to the hospital Quality Management and Patient Safety Committee on all issues reported to DOH through NYPORTS and through this committee, this information will be forwarded to the Medical Board and Board of Trustees to identify any meaningful trends to be addressed.

Activities Related To Risk Management And Malpractice Prevention Strategies.

Monthly report to the Quality Management and Patient Safety Committee, Quality Management and Patient Safety Subcommittee and OPEC

  • This report will include the following activities conducted by the department:        
  • The trending report from the occurrence reports;
  • The activities of the Bio-Ethics Committee;
  • The activities of the Institutional Review Board;
  • The cases reported under NYPORTS and SMDA;

Educational Activities Presented To Medical Centers Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff.

The Vice President Patient Safety and Satisfaction (Risk Management/NYPORTS/Patient Safety) provides orientation/inservice and lectures, which include the following:

  • Role of Risk Management/Identification of Potential Risks
  • Definition of Medical malpractice
  • Documentation in Medical Records
  • Informed Consent Policy
  • Incident/occurrence Reporting Procedure
  • OHSM Incident and Events (NYPORTS) Reporting
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Transfusion Refusal
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage
  • Handling of Legal Papers concerning activities within scope of employment.
  • QA/RM Integration
  • Confidentiality
  • AIDS Confidentiality
  • Do Not Resuscitate Orders
  • Health Care Proxy
  • Patient’s Rights
  • National Patient Safety Goals (Joint Commission)


There is a 24-hour Risk Management consultation available through a beeper system to the Vice President of Patient Safety and Satisfaction.