Materials Management

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Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the effective and efficient procurement of medical, non-medical and service requirements for the hospital. Centralization of the Purchasing Department produces standardized buying and paper work flow. Purchase commitments can only be made on a purchase order issued by the Purchasing Department. The only exceptions are telephone bills, legal fees, tax payments, unemploy­ment insurance, debt payments to bondholders, double payment of deductible (refund), benefit concepts systems, refund to a patient for an overpayment credit union deductions, verification of an MD license and public goods pool payment.  

This department is responsible for keeping the hospital adequately supplied with the proper supplies and materials which will assist in providing the best possible and highest levels of patient care: 

  • To make available all new and innovative supplies, techniques and systems of all appropriate personnel. 
  • To assure the finest services available to all departments and their equipment, and to their patients.
  • To prepare and provide any service or action that will in the judgment of the proper personnel insure proper patient care in those situations defined as "stat" and emergent.

Central Storeroom

Central Storeroom maintains adequate and proper levels of all Central Storeroom inventories based upon established procedures to insure continuity of patient care via the flow of supplies. Continually reviews and updates internal controls so as to financially protect the hospital's properties; establishes and maintains a fixed schedule of internal deliveries of supplies throughout the hospital; receives all materials, to inspect same, and to maintain and issue proper receipts and paperwork for same; properly records all receiving and supply distribution; Properly handles and protects all supplies and materials as to insure their sterility, quality, and integrity; and maintains the Central Storeroom in a clean, neat, and orderly manner.


The Mail, Messenger and Printing functions have been combined under one department to produce an efficient and effective delivery of services as it concerns mail services, specimen pick-up and copying.

  • Mail Services - provides the pick-up and delivery of all official hospital mail and correspondence for all appropriate locations. All undeliverable mail is forwarded or returned.
  • Copying Services - provides the large volume copying need by hospital staff.