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Welcome to the Volunteer Services Department of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.  Choosing to be a volunteer or intern at Wyckoff can be a rewarding and educational experience.  Whether you are committing your time for community service, school requirements, self-education, or out of the kindness of your heart, all efforts are fully appreciated by hospital personnel.

The Department of Volunteer Services recruits and trains volunteers from the community for placement within the hospital in temporary and permanent, non-clinical and selected clinical positions, thereby assisting various departments within the hospital to fulfill their role in providing "Excellence in Care Through Prevention, Education and Treatment in a Safe Environment".

Volunteers are assigned depending on a combination of their interests, skills, and hospital needs.  Duties vary depending on the department each volunteer is assigned to.

Volunteer Events & Benefits:

  • Volunteer Recognition Day
  • References provided to volunteers after 100 hours are completed
  • Complimentary meal each day you volunteer
  • "On The Job" Training
  • Invitation to the hospital's special events

If you would like to volunteer:

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please complete the appropriate application below.  Kindly contact Larissa Rivera (718) 963-7110 for an interview appointment. 

Please be advised that both the Adult and Junior applications contain 2 recommendation forms

If you are applying to participate in traditional volunteering, at least one recommendation needs to be professional (which includes employment or school), the other can be a personal recommendation.  If you are applying to do an internship , both recommendations need to be written by professionals (professors, counselors, advisors, etc.) from the institution that requires the internship.

Larissa Rivera
HR/Volunteer Coordinator
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
Tel: (718) 963-7110

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